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Libros Mutantes 2023

28 — 30 April
La Casa Encendida

The new Libros Mutantes edition coincides with the Labour Day. So, workaholics, brown-nosing students and slackers will be welcome at all our independent publications presentations, talks, performances and music events, but especially those who still believe that procrastination and guilt are fierce enemies. No resentment, neither salary drop. Promise.

Photo: Davit Ruiz & Alexander Calderón

Ruben Pater & Gabriel Calvin

El Torreón (Terraza)
Friday, 28th April
18:00 h

‘CAPS LOCK, Design and Authority’ is the title of this performative talk conducted mainly by dutch designer Ruben Pater and supported by the local independent researcher and publisher Gabriel Calvin. Pater, man behind the seminal ‘Untold Stories’ project, will explain the relationship between graphic design and capitalism traveling through history with his book CAPS LOCK (Valiz, 2021), already translated to Spanish thanks to Libros Walden. This lecture and open discussion will be possible too because of the supporting of Dutch Embassy… and presumably Karl Marx´s ghost.

Poetry Slash 3

El Torreón (Terraza)
Friday, 28th April
19:00 h

These computer-generated literary pieces recital will explore new forms of writing. In previous editions, participants presented poems constructed by combining comments from Google Maps, CAPTCHAS, texts assembled from discarded edits of Wikipedia articles and recombining popular verses songs. Javier Arce, Marcelino Llano and Juan Alonso will be responsible for Poetry Slash´s new edition.

Epoch Review

El Torreón (Terraza)
Friday, 28th April
20:00 h

The independent magazine and platform Epoch proposes a different and non-linear dialogue with our (confused, liquid) past. To present this project in Spain, we will have at Libros Mutantes 2023 its two founders, the super curator Francesca Gavin (Dazed & Confused, Sleek, NTS Radio) and the creative director Léonard Vernhet. Among the interesting contributors: Werner Herzog, Hans Ulrich Orbist, Wolfgang Tillmans or Lea Colombo, among others. Crazy.

R.PHLUX.D Live Coding

Torreón Club (Terraza)
Friday, 28th April
21:00 h

To put the icing on the cake on Libros Mutantes 2023 first day, a performance of music generated from algorithms by R.PHLUX.D, which is part of the LiveCodeMad collective, and which, also, is integrated into the Algorave network. Algorave is a global platform that explores audiovisual art generated through live programming code: code, music and image evolve together in a generative process. Music genres? Machine generates machine, so electronic sounds without limit.

Empresa (Fanzine) para llevar

Escaleras de La Casa Encendida
Saturday, 29th April
18:00 h

Do you want to know how to create a company in five steps, from the logo to all the administrative paperwork, and also discover your talent (or dullness) for Design? This is one of the most Libros Mutantes emblematic activities which attendees make their own fanzine.

Marina Otero

El Torreón (Terraza)
Saturday, 29th April
19:00 h

The architect and thinker Marina Otero, who has just been awarded the Wheelwright Prize 2022 by Harvard University, will give an interactive talk about the physical architectures that, all over the world, are built to store data… but we call ‘Cloud’. In addition, she will invite attendees to a stimulating data erasure exercise.

Daniel Wenzel

El Torreón (Terraza)
Saturday, 29th April
20:00 h

German designer Daniel Wenzel will offer a ¿show? under the title ‘Procedural Typography’, an activity conceived specifically for Libros Mutantes 2023. Admired designer by all who made Mutantes alive, Wenzel is Art Director of the DIA studio in the New York office and defines himself as a «procedural designer», specialising in typography and generative processes. The goal? To reflect Creativity´s autonomy (if that is still possible or not) under pressing Design automation

Rata.deinternet & Robzzz (

Torreón Club (Terraza)
Saturday, 29th April
21:00 h

Rata.deinternet is, well, a rat that digs deep into the internet, playing a wide variety of music, characterised by mixing genres in a rather curious way. From house, ghetto house, booty house, breakbeat, machine, dance, hyperpop, even Portuguese rumba rhythms… Are YOU ready? His partner in crime Robzzz, multidisciplinary artist of the Granada electronic scene and member of Playdoo Club, uses to mix eclectic and unconventional sounds, making fans (yes, he got that thing) dance and sing. Flamenco remixes? Yes, we got. Breaks? Too. Drum and bass and hardbass? Also.


So why go home when the party’s just getting started? Join us for an Afterwork for fun, dancing, and maybe even a little networking (because who knows who you’ll meet on the dance floor?). We’ve got all the music and good vibes you need to shake off the stress and let loose.

Sunday, April 30, 17 – 23 h

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Exhibitors 2023

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Cthulhu Books
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Davit Ruiz
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Ediciones La Escocesa
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Valiz, books and projects

Muebles de Patio 2023

Matías Rico @matiasrrico es el ganador de esta edición de la Convocatoria para el diseño y la realización del mobiliario de esta edición de Libros Mutantes.

«Esta propuesta aprovecha piezas como barreras, vallas para eventos, conos de señalización, cajas y cintas de trincaje que puedan alquilarse por cortos periodos de tiempo, teniendo la certeza de que se van a volver a utilizar. De esta forma, conseguimos una feria que, además de ser libre de generar residuos materiales, no está basada en la creación de nuevos elementos cuyos procesos de fabricación puedan producir desperdicios adicionales.”