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Open Call for Exhibitors 2020

Registration is open to everyone who runs an independent publication, works as an independent publisher, manages a distribution company or a bookshop, etc.

Deadline: March 8th, 23:59 (GMT+1).

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Muebles de Patio 2020

Convocatoria para el diseño y la realización del mobiliario de la feria Libros Mutantes en La Casa Encendida.

El plazo de presentación de proyectos es del 30 de enero de 2020 al 9 de marzo de 2020 a las 12:00 h del mediodía (GMT+1), inclusive.


La Casa Encendida

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About Libros Mutantes

Libros Mutantes is a Spain-based independent project focused on the relation between publishing and Visual Arts. Throughout the year they organise different events in order to bring this creative universe closer to the public.

The main event in their calendar is Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair, held at La Casa Encendida.

Since 2010, this Art Book Fair gathers a wide selection of national and international art books, independent publications and zines, and attracts a wide audience.

This makes Libros Mutantes the largest and most comprehensive Spain-based project aimed at researching and spreading the creations of independent publishers.


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