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Fanzine (casete) para llevar

Sunday April 24
5.00 pm

Design and record your own cassette with RAPAPAWN, Nayare Soledad and Juan Vacas in this special edition of Fanzine To Go. RAPAPAWN will be in charge of the visual part of the workshop, guiding the participants in the design of the cassette booklet. Nayare Soledad proposes a written express remix in which each participant will go through the “mixing table” and together they will select fragments of lyrics from salsa, cumbia and reggaeton songs. Juan Vacas will record in real-time the voice of each participant on the customized tape.

RAPAPAWN is an experimental comic and animation studio created by Óscar Raña and Cynthia Alfonso. In the musical field they have worked for artists such as Holy Fuck or Dan Deacon and for WeTransfer, The New York Times, MOOG or Givenchy. In their editorial work, abstraction and sequentiality are approached as experimentation tools, as set out in publications such as HE-HE, SOPAPO or LEIRA/LERIA. Their exhibition project could be seen at Mountain Analogue (Seattle), at DEMO-It’s Nice that, (Amsterdam), at the collective “Narcohumanisme. Farmàcies i estupefaents a les pràctiques artístiques actuals” (Bòlit, Girona), “A arte no comedian” (Pontevedra) and “Selective Affinities XII” (Vigo) or in other cities such as Madrid, Paris or Taiwan.

Nayare Soledad is a poet, DJ, salaried driver, curator and healer. Crooked, stubborn and romantic transvestite. She had an artistic residency at Matadero Madrid in 2020/2021 and recently she has self-published her poems Bendiciones travestis y algunas maldiciones.

Juan Vacas is a founding member of Real No Real cultural association, through which they program performances of experimental music and sound art in Madrid. Graduated in Cultural Studies with a dissertation on pre-internet postal networks, he has collaborated with independent labels such as the CincaMonterde publishing house or the Archaic Inventions blog. As an artist he has participated in places such as Braille Satellite, Fusion Festival and presented pieces on radio stations such as LYL, Montez Press or the Radiophrenia festival. He is currently focused on the development of Miradasvacas sound project and the Ediciones Fontenebro label together with Pablo Mirón.