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Basement: Rob Collado + Dembooty

Saturday April 23
9.00 pm – 11.00 pm
Room E

Dembooty was born in 2019 by CRKS290, Brava and Umami. Their parties are known for the rhythm of global sounds such as Funk Dance, Dembow or Dancehall. The collective has become a benchmark in the capital where Tayhana, Highkili, Topanga, 8kitoo and Alvva have already passed. On Radio Relativa you can listen to Dembooty Club, their monthly program. Although they are based in Madrid, they have brought their sounds to Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Monkey Week (Seville) or Turbo Vodafone FM (Porto). In 2022, with Boiler Room, they began the year at Ballantine’s True Studios Madrid. 

Rob Collado works as an illustrator, animator and art director for all types of audiovisual material. Obsessed since he was young with graffiti and the illustrated logos of the skateboard stickers, he began to draw misshapen characters and letters. Later he broaden that range of references to focus on Japanese animation, ligne claire or abstract art.