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Perspectivas Mutantes: Friday, 22 April

18.00 h – Audimat

Since 2012, the French biannual journal Audimat has been publishing essays on musical and social criticism, social history of music, counter-narratives, and wild aesthetics, distancing itself from promotional constraints of the  and the weight of academia publishing processes. The publishing house, launched in 2020, redoubles its efforts reclaiming both a more sensitive and political relationship to music.

In this special edition of Libros Mutantes we are presenting Audimat’s first book in Spanish —co-published with La Casa Encendida and designed by Pierre Vanni—, with texts by Kemi Adeyemi, Ellen Willis, Wayne Marshall, Catherine Guesde and Frances Morgan. The launch of this first title of the collection will be presented by Audimat’s editor Guillaume Heuguet and Mónica Carroquino (deputy director of La Casa Encendida).

19.00 h –  Tabloid Press

TABLOID Press poetics are poets just talking, playing with talking. They are environmental: conceived in Berlin in 2014 by Zoe Darsee and Nat Marcus, the project’s first publication was a gossip column on newsprint – the effect of its lyrics were intended not only for the reader in private, silent engagement, but for the whole interpersonal terrain in which the authors were growing up and about which they wrote. Wrote poems that could also bridge a “scene”, slice open a “club”. Wrote to enter a dancefloor as a poet and let the dancefloor enter the poem.  In the following years, TABLOID has released numerous publications, its activities widening to include facilitating poetry workshops, designing books and clothing, and regularly organising readings and parties. No matter the format or function, the press’ activities are always means of innervating the body, be it collective or individual, with a force called lyric. A relation to the body, and its according ethic, has shifted and pivoted since TABLOID’s founding, and Nat Marcus will speak on this movement for her talk at Libros Mutantes 2022.

20.00 h –  FLEE Project

Functioning as a record label, publishing house and exhibition organizer, FLEE focuses on shedding the light on sub-cultures and specific phenomena, while making them interact with contemporary artistic approaches, through a critical point of view. For each issue, FLEE will release a vinyl record along with a printed magazine helping its audience to fully grasp the essence of the movements highlighted.

 FLEE will offer a sonic journey through various geographies and cultures with the intent to highlight some misknown and obscure genres approached from various angles. Ritual music, working songs, relaxation hymns, this set will be underlining the social aspect of music and how it structures local contexts.